Craft Beverage Insurance Experts

  • We work with over 200 breweries and related businesses.

  • We insure 3 out of the top 5 breweries in the 2018 Rate Beer Awards.

  • We do business in 21 states, adding more as we continue to expand.

  • James Sanborn, the “insurance beer guy” is an expert in insuring the craft beverage industry.

If you’re a craft brewery, brewpub, brewfest organizer, or one of many related brewery businesses, we can help you maneuver the complex maze of insurance coverages and assist you with crafting a comprehensive insurance program for your unique business.

We look forward to talking with you about your beer and your insurance/HR needs. Email or give us a call today.


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Independent Like You


As an independent insurance agency, we’re proud to be independently owned.

Whether it’s brewing craft beer or insuring craft brewers, we understand the benefits and opportunities that being independent brings to our businesses.

Just one more reason to insure your brewery with GHM Craft, because we’re independent like you.


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