Craft breweries face many challenges today with increased competition, government licensing and regulations, production, distribution, quality control, insurance, human resources, financing, etc.

Don’t let insurance or HR be one of those challenges. GHM Craft can help simplify both so you can spend more time brewing beer.

We understand the craft brewing industry and work with breweries of all sizes. From startups to large regional/national brands, we have programs that can accommodate your brewery.

Working with a number of the top regional and national insurance companies, we can tailor a program specific to your brewery with specialized coverage and competitive rates.

Things to consider

Beer in tanks, beer in barrels, finished product in your cold room - How does your insurer value your product? Do you know what your current insurance will pay, if anything, when something goes wrong?

A cleaning chemical is spilled into a brite tank ruining the beer inside or a glycol system failure causes you to lose multiple batches of beer that are in active fermentation – do you have the proper coverage to protect against this?

While transferring beer between tanks a pressure relief valve fails causing the tank to collapse, is this covered? A fermentation vessel seal fails causing the batch of your new DIPA to spill out, is the beer covered?

Many states require bonds to guarantee taxes are paid on the beer you produce and/or distribute. We can turn these around very quickly to avoid unnecessary delays in licensing or distribution agreements.

Product Recall Expense, additional insureds, coverage for brewfests, beer gardens, draft trailers… the list of exposures and possible issues are endless. Having the team at GHM Craft there to identify exposures, answer your questions, and develop an insurance and HR program specific to your brewery needs will allow you to spend less time thinking about those things and more time brewing beer.

Download and complete our questionnaire below, give us a call, or contact James to setup an appointment today.

GHM Craft represents several insurance companies who offer specialized coverage to the craft beverage industry. James Sanborn, the “insurance beer guy,” has helped insurance companies craft programs for the unique exposures needed to cover the craft beverage industry.

Spend 10 minutes talking with us about your insurance and you’ll quickly realize we’re experts in Craft Brewery insurance.