Brewpubs have all the challenges of a brewery with the added complexities of running a restaurant.

GHM Craft works with some of the top brewpubs helping them with all aspects of insurance and human resources.

Working with a number of the top regional and national insurance companies, we can tailor a program specific to your brewpub with specialized coverage and competitive rates.

Whether you own one location or several, brewpubs with separate manufacturing spaces, multi-state risks, or other unique business model, we can accommodate almost any combination.

Things to consider

Meat, cheeses, veggies and of course beer - all items that are susceptible to spoilage or contamination and vital to your business. Using coverage forms specifically designed for brewpubs we can provide coverage for mechanical breakdown, power outage and other exposures unique to brewpubs.

Beer in tanks, beer in barrels, finished product in your serving tanks - How does your insurer value your product? Do you know what your current insurance will pay, if anything, when something goes wrong?

With more employees comes the increased likelihood for workers’ comp claims. Broken glasses, sharp knives, hot grease, grills, and ovens all have the potential to cause harm to your employees. GHM Craft can coordinate loss control services and help develop safety programs, accident investigation, return to work programs and other safety services to reduce claim frequency and severity, get your employees back to work sooner and keep your workers’ comp costs down.

Catering events, function rooms, additional insureds, coverage for brewfests, beer gardens, and more ... the list of exposures and possible issues is endless.

Having the team at GHM Craft there to identify exposures, answer your questions, and develop an insurance and HR program specific to your brewpub needs will allow you to spend less time thinking about those things and more time selling beer

Download and complete our questionnaire below, give us a call, or contact James to setup an appointment today.

GHM Craft represents several insurance companies who offer specialized coverage to the craft beverage industry. James Sanborn, the “insurance beer guy,” has helped insurance companies craft programs for the unique exposures needed to cover the craft beverage industry.

Spend 10 minutes talking with us about your insurance and you’ll quickly realize we’re experts in brewpub insurance.