Organizing an event can be very challenging. An event that involves many breweries, food trucks/vendors, entertainment and hundreds or thousands of fun-loving, beer-drinking attendees has many exposures and potential problems. Having the right insurance coverage is critical.

GHM Craft can not only help with the general and liquor liability insurance for your event but we can also help you manage the collection of certificates for the breweries and other vendors that are attending to make sure all participants are covered and ultimately reducing your exposure to claims and losses.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What if a tent collapses injuring a bunch of people?! Would you be covered or have enough coverage for the resulting injuries and claims?

  • What happens if a hurricane comes ashore the weekend of your event causing you to have to reschedule or cancel the event entirely… can insurance help with this?

  • A volunteer working at your event injures their back while carrying a keg. Will their medical bills be covered?

Using a variety of insurance companies that specialize in event liability, weather cancellation or other coverages, we can tailor a program to protect your organization.

Download and complete our questionnaire below, give us a call, or contact James to setup an appointment today.

GHM Craft represents several insurance companies who offer specialized coverage to the craft beverage industry. James Sanborn, the “insurance beer guy,” has helped insurance companies craft programs for the unique exposures needed to cover the craft beverage industry.

Spend 10 minutes talking with us about your insurance and you’ll quickly realize we’re experts in brewfest insurance.