The Superbowl of Beer: New England Craft Brewers Honor the Home Team

“LA is Hollywood. Boston’s a sports town. Plain and simple.” – Superbowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman on why star center Anthony Davis should play for the Boston Celtics over the LA Lakers.

It’s true, New Englander’s certainly love their sports and can be some of the most die-hard fans out there and there is no denying the New England Patriots have cemented their status as a football dynasty with a total of 11 Superbowl appearances and 6 wins, with all of those wins coming in the Brady/Belichick era of the past 18 years.

Brady is the only player in NFL history with that many rings, and Belichick is no slouch either. He holds the record for the most rings as a head coach, the oldest coach to win a ring (at 66 years old), and let’s not forget he won two rings during his time with the New York Giants as defensive coordinator – that makes a total of 8 rings for Belichick!

So what else do New Englanders love besides sports and winning? Their beer. Their craft beer to be exact. The craft beer industry is booming in New England, with three New England states in the top ten of the most popular states for craft beer consumption according to “The State of Craft Beer” report from C & R Research out of Chicago. Vermont leads the way, with Maine coming in 3rd and New Hampshire coming in 9th.

With the Patriots latest Superbowl win over the LA Rams in Superbowl LIII, let’s take a look at how the craft beer industry has paid homage over time to the winningest team in the NFL.

(Image Credit: Sam Adams Brewery)

(Image Credit: Sam Adams Brewery)

Let’s start with Sam Adams- they released a limited edition farmhouse double New England IPA three days before the Superbowl matchup called “Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here.”

This playful nod to some of the sentiments New England’s 41 year old quarterback used with his team as motivation this past season was only available in a growler to the first 199 people at the Boston Brewery & Tap Room during the release party– another nod to Brady’s draft selection back in 2000.

Over in Charlton Mass, Tree House Brewing Company, printed my personal favorite quote of the season on the bottom of 26,000 cans in January.

Legend has it that prior to the AFC Championship game against the red hot Kansas City Chiefs, a hyped-up Brady walked into the locker room announcing “I’m the baddest MF-er on the planet!”

This statement has since been proven true.

(Image Credit: Wachusett Brewing Co.)

(Image Credit: Wachusett Brewing Co.)

Not letting Brady have all the fun though, is Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster, Mass.

They created the Bella Czech Pils, a bohemian pilsner featuring Belichick in his famous – or infamous – hoodie.

This beer is available all year to enjoy, and as a New Englander is there really anything better than Belichick in his hoodie? Well, besides another ring.

(Image Credit: Marsh Island Brewing Co.)

(Image Credit: Marsh Island Brewing Co.)

Up in Orono, Maine, Marsh Island Brewing created the Gronk Spike in honor of New England’s top-tier tight end, Rob Gronkowski.

This is a limited release DIPA with a somewhat tropical taste that features Gronk on the can mid-spike.

This is perfect timing to honor a player who may not be returning next season.

(Image Credit: Bent Water Brewing Co.)

(Image Credit: Bent Water Brewing Co.)

Bent Water Brewing in Lynn, Mass released a special edition lager (their first) back in 2017 simply titled “G.O.A.T.” in honor of Tom Brady – the greatest of all time.

The can features a goat wearing a helmet with the #12 on the front, and is a Bock Beer.

The story goes that Bock is a German lager originating in the town of Einbeck, which is pronounced “Ein Bock” in the Bavarian dialect – which happens to translate to “a billy goat” – so it seems this was meant to be!