Event: 3rd Annual Musicians for HOPE Concert by Waterville, Maine Police Department & BIG Entertainment Live

All proceeds from this concert will go to the Waterville Police Department Operation H.O.P.E. program which is a three-pronged approach to fighting the opiate epidemic. We are committed to aggressively enforcing the drug laws of the State of Maine and targeting source level suppliers of opiates in our community, we are committed to educating the youth of our community to prevent future generations of those who suffer from substance abuse disorder, and we are committed to providing treatment to those willing to seek help.


The treatment is the most expensive part of this program and we are also committed to privately funding this treatment so that no tax-payer dollars go to the treatment of a single individual. Thus, all treatment is handled through cash donations to the program. Since the inception of Operation H.O.P.E. in January of 2017 the program has seen over 100 people and placed 58 people into treatment in 2018 alone! 

Come out to our concert, have a good time, celebrate recovery, and help save a life!